This page is for those impatient to see the pictures without having to wade through all my verbiage. Although I can't imagine why you might not want to read every word, here you will find two ways to view the pictures.

Slide Show

Each photo will be shown full size in sequence. You will find buttons below the photo to control the show.

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Run backSlide show back Start the slide show running back to the beginning.

BackBack Step back one picture.

PausePause Stop the slide show.

ForwardForward Step forward one picture.

Run forwardSlide Show forward Start the slide show running to the end.

Photo Gallery

Thumbnails of the photos are shown about 20 per page. Click on a thumbnail to see the full size image. You can start the slide show from any picture, or use your browser's BACK button to go back to the Gallery page.

PreviousPrevious This button steps back to the previous Gallery page.

NextNext This button advances to the next Gallery page.

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What is a lee helm?