I am trying to accumulate as much information as I can about the USS Oklahoma City, the other Cleveland class ships and the Talos and Terrier conversions. This includes detailed documents and photos, blueprints, operational information and sea stories. In other words, just about anything relating to the ships, ships systems and their operations. The idea is to document as much as possible about the ships. Here is a list of specific items I am searching for.


Do you see anything on these pages that you think is incorrect? I have tried to maintain a high standard of accuracy, but it is unlikely that I got everything right. If you see something wrong let me know.


I do not have detailed histories for the years 1966, 1967 and the first half of 1968. If any one has copies of the official US Navy "Ships' History" or "Command History" for these periods I would appreciate a copy.

I hope someday to get copies of the classified Commanding Officer's Narrative Reports (CONAR) that were submitted with the quarterly reports. They should contain interesting information about the ship's activities.


I am looking for technical manuals, blueprints, training manuals, etc. for the systems on the Okie Boat. In particular I am looking for training manuals for FTM 3&2, FTM 1&C, GMG 3&2, GMG 1&C that contain information about the Talos launching system, Talos missile, fire control radars, 6"/47 guns and 5"/38 guns. Information about the 40mm and 20mm guns, airplane catapults, etc. on the original Cleveland class ships would also be appreciated. Anything!

I would also like to have manuals, drawings or blueprints for the SPS-30 and SPS-43 radars, the satellite navigation system, the weather satellite system, the engineering plant, ships boats, helicopters, winches, etc.

Contact me and we can figure out copying costs and shipping costs.


I do not have detailed photos or drawings for some parts of the ship. I have visited the USS Little Rock museum, but when the ship was decommissioned some parts were removed and are not there to photograph. For example, I do not have detailed photos of the weather satellite antenna or the flag staff on the stern. This is the type of pictures I am looking for. If you have photos you are willing to share that clearly show details of the ship's structure or systems, please contact me.

TALOS information

I would like to model the missile with the skins off. I need photos or drawings of the modules and assemblies in the missile. Technical manuals, blueprints and other detailed information about the missile and the launching system will be most appreciated.

General Information

USS Little Rock

What was the effective range of the SPS-30, SPS-43 and SPS-10 radars?
How far could the ship steam between refuelings?
How many loaves of bread did we make for each meal?
Do you have any other interesting details to share with others?

USS Little Rock museum ship

If you are interested in the Okie Boat or other Cleveland class ships you should visit the USS Little Rock CG-4 at the Buffalo and Erie Naval Park in Buffalo, New York. Better still, you could make a donation to help with the ship's upkeep, or volunteer to help with maintenance on the old girl (I know you are just itching to chip paint again, right?). The Little Rock is the last of the Cleveland class in existence. If you have mementos from your days on one of these ships that you no longer want, the museum would be a great place to keep them. Contact the museum to see how you can help.

Contact me:

Please include your name, when (if) you were on the ship and the Division you served in.

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